Green-liscious! <3


I feel like green in the most discriminated color in all of the color palettes! “Bright as red, Pretty Pinks, Yellow-bellied” all sound so accurate, but green doesn’t have any idiom of it’s own! So let me stop prejudice right here, right now. Green is just as beautiful a color as any other; and personally, I don’t wear green very often, but I’d love to change that about my wardrobe. This beautiful two-piece set is from Westside Margao that opened up not more than a year ago, and I admit that I bought it ages back. If my memory supports me, it was available till the month of November 2016. This was meant to be the “new” Diwali clothing, but as can be clearly seen through the pictures, they are not restricted by the traditional expected norms of “festive” wear; so I’m sure I can mix and match these two pieces as and when I want to. Although I haven’t done it in this post, I will surely keep put up pictures if I decide to mix and match.

 As far as this outfit goes, it’s the prettiest maxi skirt I own with floral prints on it, and a matching green top. The top is simple, but it has this very intricate handiwork on it, which is very subtly forms into birds, but this is only if you notice it from up-close. This is a plus point, considering that this particular pattern and design gives the maxi skirt all the credit for the beauty of this wonderfully addictive look. It also has a pink undertone to it, which quite an innovative addition.

713A4379713A4389Also, I’ve deliberately excluded the footwear that would suit this outfit; for two reasons:

  1. It is so bright and colorful; almost any kind of traditional sandals will go with it. Go quirky: try pink or gold colors with this.
    😛 Kohlapuri chappals would add a different zing too!
  2. This skirt was designed especially taking tall lassies like me into account, because half the shoot was clicked while I was barefoot and it didn’t really make such a difference.

Now I don’t know if that credit goes to my amazing poses (NOT), or to the fact that the skirt is so damn appealing, that it doesn’t allow the eye to shift attention to anything else. I think we know who the winner is 😀

For the makeup, I went with my classic winged eyeliner, and a brown shade of lip color. Also, this isn’t a very flow-y skirt, so I couldn’t do the typical bridal turn-around. Trust me, I tried. 😛

713A4381713A4376There’s nothing more I can talk about this look I think the pictures do justice for it themselves. All thanks to Vineeth Vish! :*
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Until next time,

Toodles ❤


6 thoughts on “Green-liscious! <3

  1. Lovely write up 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

    And I have to agree with you. Green is one of the most underestimated colors 😋

    Love the look!


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