Summer demands: Kimono!

IMG_20170307_120527_352Hello hot summers!

Even though it’s literally just the start of April, but every human, animal, and basically anything you can think of in Goa is melting, it’s safe to say summer is already here! And by the looks of it, it’s here to stay. WELCOME! All caps so it understands the sarcasm hidden behind it, and makes a run for the hills! Ah! How I wish I could go and hibernate at some hill-station right about now :/ Anyway, this post is actually quite random, and wasn’t supposed to make it on the blog, but the pictures have come extremely nice; and I thought it would be injustice not to share it.

Now that I’m done ranting, on a serious note, please pleaseee keep yourself hydrated this summer. It is not said enough, but drinking water at regular intervals is extremely important! You don’t want yourself to be victim to heat stroke. Trust me; it’s not a pretty sight. Try avoiding oily and very spicy foods; you’ll thank me later. And please don’t forget your sunscreen that you conveniently ignore during the other seasons of the year; it’ll save you from sunburn and tan that you’ll spend the rest of the year getting rid of! I hope you found this useful, and do follow it, because these are the only pointers that I will follow religiously, even though my ‘to-do for the summer’ list states 20 more items to be checked off! 😛

IMG_20170307_120215_867IMG_20170307_120048_063IMG_20170307_115723_751Now getting back to the outfit, I bought this adorable and AIRY (keyword here) Kimono-shrug from @styledivacouture. It’s my most favorite go-to summer wear, and for good reason too! It’s a very neutral color since I’m not a fan of the ‘in-your-face’ bright colors, especially during this heat; this one works best for me. It has floral prints, and although it isn’t completely cotton, it proves itself worthy enough to be worn during this period. This is the outfit I chose for college, hence it is so conservative, but it ended up looking quite pretty anyway.  I think it can be paired with a shorts and a cami top too especially for an outing to the springs or lakes to escape this prickly climate, which is a dire need at the moment!



I am also wearing a navy blue tank top, and light-colored jeans with the kimono-shrug. The entire look is quite mellow and white shoes were the first thing that I thought would go perfectly with it; but now that I think about it, blue sneakers wouldn’t be that bad either! 😉
To add a lil’ bling to the outfit, I’m wearing these gorgeous rings from @shinningshimmer and usually I’m not very comfortable experimenting with different hairstyles, but the Kimono called for a low bun, giving it a very Japanese kind of feel; and I think it doesn’t look too bad 😛

IMG_20170307_121115_608IMG_20170307_121036_309IMG_20170307_120333_882That’s all for now folks, hope y’all enjoy reading this as much as I love creating this content! Click the tiny “Follow” button so you don’t ever miss another post 🙂 Feedback is very much appreciated. Show some love to my wonderful and patient (I feel like I don’t say it enough) photographer: @p.r.o.panda

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Until next time,

Toodles ❤


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