Summery Vibes


This one I was saving for something special, and what is more special than Mother’s Day peeking around the corner? No, I didn’t buy anything for mum yet, (keep your judgement about my terribleness as a daughter for later, please) but that’s just because I’m a last-minute person. :p I might actually end up dragging her to a mall, and then buying her something when she’s not looking, but details about that in a while. Today’s post is one of my summer favourite outfits and I’ve already managed to wear it out quite a few times before it actually made its way to the post.


The star of this outfit is this pair of very fascinating tribal printed black and white palazzos (pronounced pa-llat-zos, much like pit-zah which I’m craving like crazy by the way!). They have this tie-up feature in the front which is raging these days as a trend, and I have literally stolen them from my mother’s closet, and claimed mine since it’s been almost 2 months that I apparently “borrowed” from her, but haven’t returned since. She doesn’t seem to mind though, if anything, she says it’s a compliment that I like her fashion sense, considering she’s a traditional fanatic, and I run miles away from that zone. She bought it from Pantaloons some time back and for quite a reasonable price too!


I’ve paired it up with a plain white bodysuit from Koovs when they had their wild sprenzy of 80% and more off sale on almost all their clothes and shoes going on. A lot of damage was done to the bank account during that time! 😀 But this bodysuit was completely worth the purchase since I’ve over-utilized it from its capacity and it has this super sexy deep plunging back going on; ultimately bagging its place as my favourite piece of clothing! Getting back to the look, I wanted a carefree and boho vibe to the whole outfit, so I paired it up with these metal chunky bangles in silver that I bought way back in December when I’d been to Bangalore, but I also realised that I’d been ripped off since these can be from any street stall right here in Mumbai. Ah, but never mind, I don’t spend much on accessories either way, so I think it can be ignored :p


Also, this shoot was done in the beginning of April when the heat was in full blast, but I felt so comfortable in that outfit, so I know that it is really summer friendly. This adorably cute owl pendant necklace had to make its way onto the blog someday, and I thought when best other than this outfit. I kept it casual by wearing my favourite go-to neutral flowery slippers, but of course, if you want to replicate this look, you can opt for slip-ons or a strappy pair of comfy sandals. I also threw on my favorite sling bag to hold the necessities such as sunglasses which are a must for the summer, and although I didn’t sport them much during the shoot, they’re definitely a necessity for when you’re outside. So what are you waiting for?! Go grab your favourite airy bottoms (The tie-up ones are such a bombing trend these days) and re-create this super comfy, yet stylish look. Tag me in your pictures, I’d love to see the outcomes. 🙂


That’s all for now folks, I will come up with a new post super soon, I promise. Till then, stay tuned to my other social networking platforms; stay hydrated, and don’t forget to carry your sunscreen!

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Also, love would be appreciated to my one and only favourite photographer, Vineeth Vish

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Until next time,
Toodles ❤


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