Plaid Love! <3


Red Plaids are a very common trend this summer, and rightly so because of how comfortable they are. They’re easily available, and what kind of fashionista would I deem myself if I didn’t own one! Mine is a tad bit different as it is a cold shoulder and front knotted, perfectly suited for sultry summers! I bought it off an Instagram Page called PocketFriendlyCatalogue, whose collection you should totally check out! I’ve tried to style mine in three different outfits, each of which maintains the red plaids shirt as the star of the show without being a complete cliché!


For the first outfit, I’ve decided to use the shirt as an overcoat for the really pretty tube dress, that works gorgeously as beach wear, and I love how the plaid shirt tones down the breezy outlook of the dress with its formal appeal. I think that the flower print on the white dress complements the red and black beautifully for the whole outfit to play through. The tie-up shoes are from my favorite online website, StreeStyleStore, as also spoken about in my previous post of Wrap around Beauty: Skirt Dress! Check it out here if you’ve missed it before 🙂


For the second look, I’ve paired the red plaid shirt with a black skater skirt that I bought off Myntra a few months back, all sewed together with my favorite pair of maroon sneakers, also from Myntra, and I think the outfit is absolutely stunning, and surprisingly comfortable (considering summers demand no pants :P) Put on some shades, and your outfit is totally good to go!


For this last outfit, I couldn’t think of anything better than an all-black look. Yes, I know, its summer, but I stand by my decision: Unless they invent a darker color than black, I’m stickin’ with it! Just to add that lil’ edge to the outfit, I tied it around my waist like they did in the 90s, but I think it looks pretty cool too! Also, I had my red sneakers to support the sudden burst of colour in my black themed outfit 😛



I was also motivated to go a step ahead to support the whole grunge/badass look that I had planned, so I tried to ride a (really heavy) geared bike to uplift the aura that the outfit presented (not that girls aren’t supposed to ride bikes or something, I’m a feminist like that :P) but it was a pretty tough job, and my (extremely patient) photographer almost gave up on me until I finally got the shot! And it was totally worth it. Yay to no scratches! 😛


So I guess that’s it for this post, please do try experimenting with different outfits, and do tag me in the pictures, I’d love to see them and get inspired :*

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Picture credits: Vineeth Vish, please do follow his work! (I’d be no where without his patience and talent!) :*

Until next time,

Toodles ❤




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