Spoilt for choice!


You know that feeling when you dismantle your entire wardrobe searching for something to wear, and even though a pile of million clothes fall flat on your face, you’re desperately expecting something that hasn’t already been worn by you, screaming: “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!” And then, like some God-sent miracle, you chance upon your sibling’s wardrobe, and suddenly, you have the courage to go out again! You have clothes to wear! Ones that you haven’t worn and re-worn to death! Hurray! You know what I’m talking about right?

Yeah, I’m an only child.
I do NOT know that feeling  -__-

But thankfully, my mother is an overly ambitious fashion enthusiast, and buys all the clothes that she HOPES will have the guts to wear someday, but ends up not touching it for a year, and then ultimately passing it on to me. And of course, I shamelessly accept it, and this post is one of those happy stories as well!

Last year when my mum shifted to Mumbai, she went on a shopping spree and bought a bunch of clothes completely different from her regular and comfortable genre of traditional wear, thinking she will have the opportunity to flaunt it in her new office, but we as I already discussed, those newly bought never saw daylight, and were placed in the “I will wear you SOME day” section, but a year later, I was awarded with them! So of course I had to shoot a blog post on that, because perks as there many of being an only child, I do not have the luxury of raiding my sibling’s closets and getting  a number of “last” warnings from them like I’ve seen so many of my friends squabble about.

Being a business student, I have over-worn my fair share of business outfits for presentations and seminars, and what not -__- I’m done with formal outfits FOR LIFE now! So I wasn’t about to bore this gorgeous printed shirt with birds on it as the plain formal avatar. So I went for the classic Shirt + Shorts combo for an outing to my all-time favourite spot: Bodega in Panjim!

IMG_20170613_173605_460-01WhatsApp Image 2017-06-28 at 8.41.41 PMIMG_20170613_185016_859-01-01

The rest of the outfit is pretty self explanatory ‘coz I kept it simple with my favourite silver metallic sandals, and just to oomph up the character, left a few buttons open 😉 I don’t have to mention the earrings and sunglasses this time, because I know they got lost somewhere in the bushiness of my hair -___- Thank you humid climate, I was actually kinda going for the lion mane look!

I hope you like the pictures! The top is from Pantaloons, shorts are from a street store and my silver metallic sandals are from wardrobeofficial.


I’m extremely sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time, it’s been a craaaazy month with the shifting and “figuring out life” stuff. Not that I’ve succeeded on the latter, but if you need a new excuse for skipping out on things, I just gave you a brand new one :p but I’m genuinely sorry, and I promise to be more active 🙂

Also, huge shout out to Vineeth Vish, I miss you so much! Especially now that I’m struggling to find a good photographer here in Mumbai #TheStruggleIsReal


But anyhoo, will come up with a new post super soon, till then, follow me here on these other social networking sites and tag me in any looks you create from your sibling or for that matter, anybody’s borrowed wardrobe! :p Get creative!

Instagram: @_shades.of.a.fox_
Facebook: Shades of a Fox
Snapchat: selfieaddictpoo

Until next time,

Toodles ❤


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