Moki Bar and Kitchen

Are you familiar with that feeling you get, when you walk into a new place, and suddenly the aura around it changes? You somehow get a sense of familiarity, and you know this place is gonna be your new favourite? Exactly what happened to me at Moki Bar and Kitchen! ❤ It was pure love at first sight! It is a rooftop restaurant, and there is only a lift that can take you up there.


So we entered the lift with another couple who were all smiles for us, immediately giving us a friendly and comfortable vibe. On reaching the third floor, the guy directed us inside. And that’s when we realised that he was the proprietor of this wonderful place. It was karaoke night, and we were lucky enough to hear quite a few gifted people sing nostalgic songs.

We chose a corner table, and had the full glory view of the entire restaurant! It had such an amazing hip vibe to it, what with the bicycle placed right in the middle, and the various funky props on the bar counter. The menu was so well organized, with a separate drinks and food menu, and of course, we skipped right to the last page, wherein they had a tiny lil’ column listed with all the chef’s recommendations, thus reducing your time in figuring out what to order! So we went ahead and ordered the Summer of 69 as starters, and the Stone oven baked stuffed chicken for the main course. Guys, trust me when I say this, the pictures aren’t even doing justice to how delicious the food was! As for the quantity, let me just say, the stuffed chicken had us STUFFED! We didn’t even have enough room for dessert 😛 Maybe next time! I guess this gives me a reason to visit again ^_^


The Summer of 69 is basically chicken wings with a side of French fries and two sauces. But what intrigued me most was that we offered us plastic gloves(Like the ones your mum/you for colouring hair at home, but of course these were hygienic enough to be eaten with! :D) so we don’t get our hands all dirty, but messy eaters as we are, we didn’t use them. And good thing too that we didn’t! The dish was so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; we were left licking our fingers shamelessly!


In between the meals, the owner kept coming to us, inquiring if we were having a good time, and if we enjoyed the food, and we ended up having a lovely chat with him, too! Friendly owners are definitely worth bonus points! And the decor just had me so mesmerized! It had not only couples, but also huge family dinners with tiny kids running around, and not sitting bored at their seats! The empty bottles and intricate lighting, fairy lights all around the railings, cute photo frames near the lift so you don’t get annoyed waiting (real clever!), the crazy funky waiter costumes, and of course the amazing food! The expense of dinner came to about Rs. 1000 for two people, and I think its pretty reasonable considering the butt-load of service they’re providing! It is a MUST visit, and with that, we come to an end of my fandom with Moki Bar and Kitchen!


My #OOTN was a striped black and white maxi skirt with a side slit that I paired with a really pretty white top; keeping it super basic with bracelets, a watch and a choker. ❤
I bought the skirt from @Look_Smart for Rs.390 (Do check them out! They have super amazing stuff for really affordable prices!) and my top is from my favorite Instagram store @StyleDivaCouture which cost me Rs.500. So my whole outfit was pretty inexpensive, but it fulfills its purpose of looking super cute! I guarantee you, there’s no compromise  on the quality as compared to the prices!
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Until next time,
Toodles ❤



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