cameff_1499874466569I legit feel like Bodega should start sponsoring me by now considering the number of posts I’ve done on them 😀 Jokes.  But I love the place, and especially now that they’ve expanded their menu, I visit it for much more than just the amazing red velvet cupcakes and butt-load of magazine worthy pictures! Tried something new when I went there last time; Chicken Cafreal Mexican tacos, Spinach and corn Empanadas and to wash down with them, we had a Mixed berry smoothie, and the Chocolate milkshake with chocolate gelato.

Of course as usual, the experience was amazing, and the staff is super friendly, reassuring us that Empanadas are quite bite friendly sizes so we don’t over stuff ourselves. To pacify us, he even described them as vegetarian samosas, which cracks me up every time I think of it now. If you’re like me who didn’t notice the two huge-ass jars next to the counter; let me enlighten you about them! One is filled with cucumber water, and the other with mineral water; free for the visitors to quench their thirst. They also have the cutest little board saying ‘Help Yourselves’ ^_^ Hope you enjoy the pictures, and please do click the Subscribe button below so you never miss a post again! 🙂

Chicken Cafreal Mexican Taco
Chicken Cafreal Mexican Taco
Spinach and corn Empanada
Mixed Berry Smoothie
Chocolate milkshake with chocolate gelato

Apparently they’ve also introduced the breakfast menu that I stumbled across while stalking their social media pages (Instagram, Website) in order to put the correct names here :p So maybe check that out? Thank you! And do follow me on my other social media sites below.

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Until next time,
Toodles ❤


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