Iceberg Goa

If you haven’t heard about IceBerg in Goa yet, please name the rock you’ve been living under; I’d like to visit as well 😛 Jokes. It’s quite tiny, but I think their ice cream make up for the lack of sitting area. Also, their gazillion options and the mesmerizing speed that they “assault” the ice cream and other condiments is just commendable! They have two varieties; ColdStone and Pan recipes, under which are many more options to choose from, and toppings to be chosen apart from me! I swear, I’m not even kidding when I say that it took me more than 10 minutes just to decide what ice cream I’ll be going for :’) This is what happens when you offer an indecisive person like me with so many options! 😛

I’m craving to go there again to try out their Coldstone recipes, and I might do it soon too. Yes, I belong to that small percentage of weird population that enjoys extremely cold food items in the cold weather 😛 Please tell me I’m not the only one! According to me, ice cream in the rains and winter is the best feeling ever! ^_^

I won’t bore you more with my fandom of this place, please do give it a visit yourself, it’s in Porvorim, and Google Maps is your best friend in case you aren’t familiar with the place! It claims to be open from 11AM till 2AM, so do give it a try! Happy screaming! 😛 (You scream, I scream for ice cream? No? Alright, never mind)

I had the Brownie Delight (or something similar to that, there were too many names and too many options; don’t judge me) 😛
It was delicious! And a brownie lover’s heaven; you’ll thank me later ^_^

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