Club Factory Haul


Being a middle class Indian, getting a good deal for a less price is so much more satisfying than spending your whole salary on branded goods that you can only wear on special occasions 😛 At least that’s what I feel, and this is exactly what Club Factory has done to me! ^_^ This isn’t sponsored in any way; I wish it was, but it isn’t 😛 So around 4th July 2017, I discovered this amazing company that sells clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty items for unbelievably low prices. The first though that came to my head when I saw the prices was: “The quality is going to be as cheap as the ones that are available at Chor Bazaar” But when the package arrived, I was pleasantly proven wrong! ^_^ It makes me so happy that all the 8 items that I purchased are amazing in quality; hence proving the site’s trustworthiness and also ensuring  a little more damage to my wallet the next time 😛

So here’s the haul, I’ll try to style it and make a post about the items soon 🙂



Am super impressed with these! I though they would be to flimsy or wouldn’t work for the monsoons. But lo and behold! These are just perfect! ^_^

It shows black in the picture, but it had varieties of white and grey too!



The material is super thick, not at all see-through, and even though it is a little big for me, I think that’s mostly my skinny body’s fault more than the top 😛 An XS would have probably been a better fit. Impressed, nevertheless ^_^

This was available in baby pink too


Lovin’ the material ❤


I honestly thought this would come in a tinier size and I would have enough space for just a phone or wallet, but it’s quite spacious and uber cool too! ❤ I should have probably re-thought the silver and opted for black like a normal person, but what the heck, I like it! 😀


I’ve been obsessing about body chains since forever now, but they were always too expensive for me to take the plunge, so when I came across this beauty, I knew I just had to have it. Will do an outfit blog with it supper soon 🙂




 swear, the minute I opened this package, I realized I made a huge mistake buying this overcoat. Neither do I live in an extremely cold place, and neither am I planning on visiting one 😀 This jacket is something one wears when even a leather jacket fails. and i don’t want to admit that I bought it just for the price, so I guess I was kind of banking on Club Factory’s products to be of low quality so this jacket wouldn’t be useless to me right now 😀 Jokes. Maybe this is a calling. Vacation soon perhaps? 😛


Overall, I think its a total steal, and that you should definitely give it a try. But before that, there’s a few things that I’d like to enlighten you about:

  1. The bag it came in was really horrifying, since it came in a plastic bag, especially considering it was shipped from abroad. I’d expected at least a cardboard box. But thankfully nothing was damaged. I think that was quite a gamble they played, because nothing inside was bubble wrapped either :/


2. There are heavy delivery charges if your total cart value isn’t Rs. 1930. But after that amount, it’s all free. That’ probably one of the reasons why I bought so many things at one stretch.


3. It allows only prepaid payment which is accepted through Debit card,Credit card or even Paytm; which I chose. I hope they start Cash On Delivery options soon like, considering how untrusting we Indians are about online websites.


4. There isn’t any custom charges levied for India. The package was directly delivered at my doorstep without any extra cost.

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Until next time,
Toodles ❤


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