Glittering Toes!


So this is the first of many DIY’s that’s come up on the blog.  I was quite bored with my current pair of white sneakers so I decided to give them a lil’ makeover. These can be worn to a party or just to spice up a casual look too. I’d pair it with a simple skater dress, or with a full black monochrome outfit. Depends on how you’d like to style it! 🙂

It didn’t take much effort and definitely didn’t cost much. The pictures pretty much explain themselves but I’d rather talk you through it.

  1. So firstly make sure that your sneakers are clean. (Obviously I  skipped this step but I did use an old toothbrush and toothpaste to clean edges of the shoes because I didn’t plan on painting them.)


  1. Next  covered the clean edges with some cellotape so I didn’t accidentally paint over them.
  2. I used black spray paint all over the shoes for their required makeover. Spray paints are available at any local hardware stores, costs around Rs. 200 and last a really long time so it is an investment well done.
  3. The result after spray paint looks like this:

    You can always use fabric paint instead of spray paint, but let me warn you: This method is super time consuming. Also, fabric pant dries a lot slower than spray paint. (Just saying)


  4. This was my most favorite step. I placed the dried shoes on newspaper.( Highly recommend this because you don’t want to walk around with glitter all over the floor; because you might end up sweeping the whole house, or be at the receiving end of the broom from your mum!) 😛
  5. So apply glue wherever you’d like on the sneakers and then sprinkle the glitter generously all over the area. Don’t worry if it looks messy, the excess glitter can be tapped off once dry. I chose the front and a small triangle at the back for my shoes to sparkle.
  6. Let it dry thoroughly well.

    Mix one part glue(Fabric or Fevicol, both work fine) with 2 parts water and apply it all over the area that you’ve covered in glitter. This ensures that you don’t leave trails of your sparkles whenever you wear them and walk around.

  8. Let that dry, and Voila! Your glittering toes are ready! 🙂


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Until next time,
Toodles ❤



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