Society: Bending the norms!


So I took a week off from social media and didn’t post anything (except for Instagram stories) only because it was long overdue that I just spent some time by myself, and do stuff on my own without having to document my each and every move just to prove to people that I‘m having fun. Somewhere down the line we’ve all lost our way. What is this innate need we have to snap a picture the minute something remotely amusing happens in our day-to-day life that we just cannot enjoy the present moment and want to prove to people that you’re living a cool life?

It was super scary at first because I had the exact thoughts in my head that are currently running in your head: “OMG what a loser” “Doesn’t she have a life?”

I do have a life, it’s just that I‘d rather enjoy it by myself instead of focusing on how good it looks on camera and on my Instagram feed.  I‘m not judging you, I‘m the exact same; and as soon as I realized that, I decided to conduct an experiment to get rid of this mentality that we have. Yes, I may be a loner, but at least I‘m a loner having fun.  I don’t need to surround myself with tons of people who are ultimately just busy scrolling their phones instead of actually communicating just to look cool.

So this week I decided to give social media a skip and just ENJOY LIFE. I haven’t ever done these things EVER because I‘m that type of person (or rather, WAS that type of person) who wouldn’t be caught dead doing any of these things alone, ever!  So  got up got dressed travlled for an hour, watched a movie alone, and spent an entire day at Viviana Mall!
Usually, instead of eating alone at a restaurant I’d prefer taking a parcel and dining in the comfort of my home with no judgmental eyes at me. I‘d rather wait to download a movie from Torrents if I didn’t have company no matter how much I liked it and was desperate to watch it, than going alone :O
And travelling all by myself in a new city with the fear of being lost; that’s something nightmares are made of! But last week I was determined to surprise myself and I did! I did them all! And I swear, I couldn’t be prouder.


People say that the best experience of retail shopping is when you can feel the material of the cloth by yourself, rub it against your cheeks and have the satisfaction of buying it then and there. But then again, an even better experience of shopping is when you take a friend along with you to try out the most scandalous and expensive outfits in the trial room, while your friend broodingly approves!  At least that’s what retail therapy means to me! So here I am in a huge mall, big Forever21 store, credit card in hand, but no friend by my side. Yet I walked in, tried out outrageous outfits, didn’t seek validation through the Internet by posting those pictures online, approved of them for myself and walked right out. Wallet lighter but chest definitely higher.

Also I was dying to watch Lipstick Under my Burkha ever since I saw the trailer and I was  convinced that by then at least, I’d be able to drag someone with me for this move. Of course I couldn’t take my parents along considering the dreadful adult-only scenes in there 😛 So what choice did I have? The movie released, got great reviews, but I was still waiting for some miracle to occur so that a friend would turn up and I‘d go with them. Nope. No miracle. Just me and loads of free time. Waltzed into the theater and asked for a ticket much to the horror of the lady behind the counter who thought she heard it wrong, and asked again “Jut one?” I smiled at her, and nodded my head.

I‘m not gonna lie. I had heads turning around and a few snickers and giggles towards my direction when I sat down at the food court and enjoyed my delicious meal from Wok- Express. I was aware that people had pity n their eyes when they saw that I was alone for the movie maybe even making up conclusions of why and how I must have ended up there alone. Perhaps that I was stood up by a friend/date and decided to still go ahead, or that I was just too lonely to have friends at all. But it didn’t matter.  I enjoyed the movie, definitely enjoyed the food and at the end of the day I enjoyed the knowledge that I don’t need anyone to make me happy.  Had the guts to face my fears and if asked I‘d probably do it again! So go ahead! If I could do it you can do it way better! Face your fears! ^_^ You’ll feel damn proud, I guarantee you! 🙂 Have a great day, you ❤

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Until next time,
Toodles ❤


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