Matte nails DIY


Matte nails are so in trend nowadays but even one nail pant s so expensive, we’re always on the lookout for lesser expensive options. DIY’s always come to our rescue n such scenarios. Now I‘ve tried the matte nails trick with corn starch which has bombarded the Internet all throughout and even though they work amazing, personally I feel it’s way too messy and if you’re a clumsy goof like me, you’ll accidently ruin the first finger’s coat while you’re doing the fourth one; and then you have to do it all over again risking the other three nails.. And you get the drift. Therefore, being a lazy and messy girl has its own pros: I search for easier ways to do hacks that were intended to ease your life in the first place 😛

This DIY costs basically nothing because you’re gonna be using kitchen appliances that are readily available at home and a nail pant that you most definitely already own. You will need only two things for this DIY:

  1. Nail paint of your choice. (I chose black and mine is from ADS, nothing fancy)


2. Steamer (I used the one that gives me relief when I have a cold you can even boil water on a stove and use the steam from there i.e. f you’re skilled like that 😛 )


So start painting your nails and before it dries apply a little steam to that nail. It seems silly, but if it works, it’s not so silly anymore, right? Continue that for the rest of your nails and voila! You have really inexpensive but long lasting matte nails!

Take care of the steam don’t burn yourself the steam is really harsh.

 Even made a video on Instagram about it. Check it out here. Get experimenting now! Do send me pictures if you try it out.

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Toodles ❤


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